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SLIIT RDA is a digital service that collects, preserves, and distributes digitized scholarly information of SLIIT. This is an important tool for preserving an organization's legacy. The collection consists of research output of SLIIT staff and postgraduate research student’s work, published in conference proceedings, Scholarly Journals and Thesis Only the Abstract of these texts can be viewed online. Researchers can request a full text of the article when interested.

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  • Bandara, Y.M.P.C.Y.; Niroshika, U.A.A.; Abeygunawardhane, T.U. (IEEE, 2014)
    Frame feature tracking, relative pixel distance, relative pixel direction measurement and conversion of pixel distance to real world distance are the techniques used to estimate the speed of the vehicle. The balance between ...
  • Wijeratne, S.; Jayawardena, S.; Jayasooriya, S.; Lokupathirage, D.; Patternot, M.; Kodagoda, G.N. (IEEE, 2008)
    There are several approaches to search databases of faces. However such methods still require a significant use of humans to interpret an eyewitness account and so forth. In many cases these searches are done using visual ...
  • Nawinna, D.; Venable, J.R. (Taylor & Francis, 2018-04-02)
    Social capital is an influential concept in understanding why and how some firms do better in inter-organizational relationships (IORs). It is an important factor in developing relationships of trust, making the basis for ...
  • Ariyasinghe, L.R.; Wickramasinghe, C.; Samarakoon, P.M.A.B.; Perera, U.P.B.; Prabhath Buddhika, R.A.; Wijesundara, M.N. (IEEE, 2013-04-26)
    With the rapid development of internet and related technologies, number of daily users browsing internet and amount of data being accessed keeps increasing exponentially. Internet users now access internet objects ranging ...
  • De Silva, K.K.D.; Darshana, P .H.R.A.; Silva, W.A.D.M.; Basnayake, B.M.N.A; Wickramarathne, C.J. (IEEE, 2013-04-26)
    It is believed that future technologies related to smart devices could add more towards making life easy while saving on time for a person on the go. Already mobile devices have added value to our everyday tasks. However, ...

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