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Title: Advanced Encryption Algorithm Using Fuzzy Logic
Authors: Madanayake, P.R.D.
Peiris, M.D.N.S.
Ranaweera, G.H.
Jayathilake, K.U.K.K
Senarathne, A.
Abeygunawardhana, P.K.W.
Keywords: algorithm, data communication
Issue Date: Jan-2012
Publisher: SLIIT
Citation: NCTM 2012
Series/Report no.: SLIIT/LIB/;
Abstract: Data communication is the process of sending information between two points where security is the main issue for the both parties. Encryption can provide a good solution for the problem. Encryption is the process of converting a readable message into an unreadable format. An encryption algorithm is a mathematical procedure for performing encryption on data. In encryption a key is used to transform the plaintext into ciphertext and to decipher it back to the original message. After conducting a survey on currently using encryption algorithms, we have identified that all these algorithms only concern about security. For the connections with low bandwidth consuming a less processing power is also equally important. The proposed algorithm supports for user desired security level and processing level. This option is obtained through fuzzy logic implementation. It is a block cipher which is a derivation on the feistel network architecture. The security level and the processing level depend on the keyword length and the selected level. The results of proposed encryption algorithm are compared with other existing encryption algorithms. The aim of the research is to come up with an encryption algorithm which is more advanced and secured than the existing encryption algorithms.
ISSN: 1800-3591
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