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Title: Lightweight Ad-Hoc Routing Protocol
Authors: Nanayakkara, T.D.
Priyadarshana, R. M. K. B. L.
Embuldeniya, L. C.
Wattegedara, G.W. G. R. P.
Madhushanka, D. G. P.
Jayawardena, C.
Keywords: Ad-Hoc Routing Protocols
Swarm Robotic Applications
Issue Date: Dec-2009
Publisher: SLIIT
Citation: PSRS2009
Series/Report no.: SLIIT/LIB/;
Abstract: The Lightweight Ad-Hoc Routing Protocol (LARP) is a lightweight and efficient wireless routing protocol designed specifically for use in multi-hop highly dynamic ad-hoc wireless networks of swarm robotic applications. LARP allows the wireless robotic nodes to establish a cluster based ad-hoc wireless network where certain nodes operate as virtual routers while others operate as end terminals. The protocol is completely self-organizing, self-configuring and self-maintained without the need for any special networking infrastructure or administration. LARP comprises of three states, network initiation state, slave state and cluster head state, in one of which each robotic node will operate at any given time. State transition algorithm and in-state algorithms used in the protocol have been designed to maximize the convergence, minimize packet transmission delay, minimize routing loops and minimize the transmission of duplicate packets so as to provide a maximum utilization of the limited resources available in swarm robotic applications. Non-dependency on a particular networking layer addressing scheme and data link layer protocol are two key features of LARP which increases the reusability while encouraging researchers to develop a large variety of swarm robotic applications based on LARP. The functionality of LARP has been evaluated through detailed simulations using the SBNetS (Swarm Bots Network Simulator), a novel real time wireless network simulator for swarm robotics, and the simulation results for a variety of node movement and communication patterns have also been included
ISSN: 1800-3591
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