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Title: Enabling Dynamic Web for Differently-Abled Community: A Universal Web Accessibility Driven Approach
Authors: Gunatilake, D.
Dharmasiri, C.
Keywords: Web Accessibility
Visual Impairments
Screen Readers
Social Networks
Dynamic Web
Voice Recognition
Speech Synthesis
Issue Date: 26-Sep-2014
Series/Report no.: PNCTM;07
Abstract: With the increasing use of World Wide Web, it is imperative that all users have equal accessibility to the web based applications. Visually impaired community accesses web applications using screen readers which read the web pages linearly by exploiting the structure of the HTML tags of a web page. However, such users can be hindered in their access to information on the web when the content is not designed with their needs in mind. Most designers or developers mainly concentrate on how the content is presented on the web page rather than its’ structure. This has introduced a compatibility issue for screen readers in accessing dynamic web pages. Hence, the implicit information that is presented in a web page is not accessible to screen readers and therefore to the users. Such prevailing example would be Facebook which has shown less cooperation with screen readers for those reasons which borders many advantages. In this paper, we have presented a gap analysis on the web designing strategies that could overcome the existing drawbacks and the designed MVC model based architecture of the Accessibility Gateway for the Facebook application. It is identified that voice technology can help to mitigate most of the issues and handle the dynamic nature of web content linearly.
Description: SLIIT Research
ISSN: 1800-3591
Appears in Collections:NCTM - SLIIT 2014 -JANUARY

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